Submission Requirements

If you would like to submit a manuscript for us to consider for publication, please send:
⋅ At least a sample chapter but an entire manuscript is preferred
⋅ An outline or Table of Contents indicating what the book will cover
⋅ Copies of any artwork already completed - please DO NOT send originals
⋅ An idea of who you think the target audience would be
⋅ What makes your book different from all the other books out there?
⋅ A description of your credentials and how you think you can drive book sales
⋅ Any concepts you might have for formatting (not required)
⋅ A list of books similar to what yours would be

Please include your contact information and allow several weeks for review. If you do not hear from us, please feel free to call.

The books we publish are author driven. This means that the author is actively engaged in selling their own book through teaching, travelling, working at conventions or learning centers, marketing themselves through social media, and generally being out there in the world talking about their product. If you do not have the ability or the drive to sell your own product, we will not be a good fit.

Interested in chatting with us about a project? Send us a query email at contactus (at) onwordboundbooks (dot) com. Wondering what we offer our authors? Visit our author services page to find out.

Note: We are not accepting submissions at this time.